Banquet Table Florals

Perhaps, amidst the plethora of decisions you’re having to make in preparation for your big day, you’ve been presented with the option of dining your guests at banquet tables instead of round tables. We’ve seen the trends of the past decade encouraging the practicality of round tables; they’re simple to decorate with linens, flowers and place settings. Round tables are an efficient way to get a lot of people in a small space without making your guests feel claustrophobic. It’s easy to plan a selection of 8-10 people that you’re sure will hit it off and enjoy their time together. Round tables make sense!

However, as we see weddings move back into a more intimate event, we’re seeing the recurrence of the traditional, long banquet-style tables. You can have your “honored guest” and family place settings while still encouraging all of your guests to feel included. If you’ve ever sat at a long table at an intimate event or wedding, it really does make you feel familiar and close to all of the other guests.

In our last blog post Style Trends of 2016, I touched on the rising trend and practicality of long table garlands. It’s sometimes hard to figure out how to decorate a long table, especially when it comes to flowers. The linens and table settings are simple enough, but you can’t just place a single centerpiece in the middle of the table like you can with a round table. As I present some options that we’ve come up with or seen on long tables, I encourage you to consider choosing banquet tables… I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the grandeur and I think your guests will love you for it.

Clustering Several Small Arrangements


Photo by Sam Stroud


Photo by Sam Stroud


We were so impressed by the creativity of this bride. She collected and brought us these beautiful, classy, crystal liquor glasses. We dispersed 3-4 glasses of varying heights in the center of each round table and down the middle of this banquet-style bridal party table. The arrangements were simple and sweet and not overly expensive. This type of grouping can be done with small goblets, cups or bud vases, or with larger vases and containers.

Varying Tall and Short Vases or Containers


Photo Courtesy of Pickerkill Creative


Photo Courtesy of Belle the Magazine


Photo Courtesy of Glamour

This style of alternating tall and short has such a grand presentation. It is definitely a very classy, high-end appearance. Whether you put a large arrangement on the top of a tall pedestal or if you sink callas in a tall vase, this style has an luxurious elegance that is sure to make your guests feel significant.


Table Garlands


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Photo by Joel Coleman


Photo by Meghan Vaughan


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs


Photo Courtesy of Brides

The popularity of table garlands is ever increasing and has been nationally deemed a 2016 trend. What a beautiful style for banquet tables, right? The garlands accentuate the length of the tables and create such a romantic feel. Dressing your tables with a garland definitely helps to keep the intimate feeling of banquet tables and your guests don’t have to worry about not being able to see each other across the table. Table garlands, whether just greens or greens interspersed with flowers, are especially conducive to the romantic-vintage and rustic trends.

One thing to also take note of in all of the photos above are the candles and votives. Candles and votives are a cheap, romantic way to add to your long tables. Whether they be pillar candles, tapers in candelabras, or tea lights, candles are sure to always add ambiance and class to your tables.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to show off a piece that we created for an event last month. This was a fantastic idea gone bad that turned into a masterpiece. This just goes to show that if you have enough creative juice flowing between designers that work as a team, every disaster that arises will turn out just as good as you originally imagined it… Or in this case, BETTER!



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