Meet Our Staff: Leslie Rocco

It’s always good to put a face with a name, isn’t it?  At BLOOM, our core values are built around customer experience.  We want to build relationships with the people we come in contact with every day.  As with any good relationship, introductions are always important.  We’ll go first!


Meet Leslie, our fearless, administrative assistant and all-things-finance guru.  Leslie has been with BLOOM for four years and keeps us straight in every way. Always helpful, always wearing a smile, always reminding us to recycle and pick up wandering paperclips!  As an east coast native, Leslie graduated from Penn State with a degree in Finance – which makes her perfect for this job. Leslie manages customer accounts, maintains the finances, keeps the books, works on computer quirks and anything else that needs to be done. Just don’t ask her to design a floral arrangement, that’s where she draws the line!  In her spare time, you might find her watching football, in the bleachers, talking about football or running concessions at a football game.  Leslie enjoys traveling with her husband, Frank, spending time with her three kids and her three adorable grandchildren.