Style Trends of 2016

Do you ever wonder where trends come from? I mean, who decides what is going to be the “fad” for the year? Who decides what colors, styles and flowers that are going to be predominant for each season? I don’t know the answer to that on a national level OR on a local level. What I do know is, I am loving where we are headed for this years trends. I’m so excited and anxious to see this year’s weddings come to life! Some of the trends we are seeing this year are circling back around from years past, but with their own little unique twists. Take a cascading bouquet, for instance. Everyone has seen cascading bouquets, but this year holds a whole new exciting realm of creativity. The style we are moving into nationally and locally for wedding flowers is a free, loose, almost unstructured look that will take your breath away.

Free Bouquet

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Now can you see why I’m excited? There is just something so organic and natural about this style that makes me feel a little bit giddy inside. There are so many potential beauties for creating this look, but let me suggest a few key elements that we’re seeing that really help to set this look off.


Greens are such a crucial part of any floral design. They set the tone and create a base. What I love about this year’s bouquets is that greens aren’t just taking a backseat role like usual, they are front and center. Greens make the look for this bouquet. Some greens that we love and would highly recommend for this bouquet, or any other bouquet would be:

Seeded Eucalyptus

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Jasmine Vine

Italian Ruscus

“Airy” Flowers

Now, what I mean by “airy” flowers is flowers that aren’t huge, heavy blooms. A peony is gorgeous, and I definitely suggest peonies for this type of bouquet, but a peony a bit heaver than… Say… An Astilbe. These “airy” flowers help to keep this look free and natural. Some “airy” flowers that come to mind are:






Focal Flowers

This is usually an easy decision for brides, most ladies have a particular favorite that they want to be the “eye catcher” of the bouquet. Peonies, dahlias, ranunculus, anemones, roses and David Austin roses are the flowers that are most popular. They are great wedding flowers and we strongly suggest them to any bride. However, I want to take the opportunity to plant some new seeds in regards to focal flowers.

King Protea (and Pink Ice Protea, too)

Double Tulips


Football Mums


Green Dianthus


Another strong trend we are seeing for wedding ceremonies is floral pieces on arbors and pergolas. This subject also brings me to make a possible confession. Last summer, Karen created a beautiful arbor at Sorella and there is a slight chance that I might have possibly wanted to stand in the aisle and look at it all day… Maybe.


Photo courtesy of Megan Vaughan

Here are a few other arbors we’ve done in the past. There are so many options for where and how to place your flowers on an arbor. We’re seeing a lot of different styles, but the trend this year seems to be to go heavy on arbor flowers.


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The final trend that we’re seeing more and more locally is closely mimicking a nationally predicted wedding trend for 2016. Table garlands. What a fantastic idea, right? What better way to dress your head table for the festivities? Here is a photograph of a table garland that we did this past summer.


Photos courtesy of Megan Vaughan

This garland was beautifully intertwined with votives, flowers and glass bottles. Garland running down the table is so classy and the possibilities with how to dress it up are endless. This allows you such a chance to be creative and festively, cheaply draw florals onto your head table.

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