Tips to Choosing a Floral Designer


hill-city-bride-lindsey-hinkleyVendor selection.  Those words can immediately overwhelm and strike fear in even the most confident bride. Knowing what you want is only part of the process.  Finding the right team of people is the second half of the equation – and often the most arduous.  After years in the wedding industry, I can honestly say, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a bride’s vision fall short because she chose the wrong vendor for HER wedding.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a floral designer.  However, I hope you will find you can apply these tips across the board in choosing almost any vendor.

1.  Research.  The first step in choosing any vendor is to do your homework!  If you’ve been living under a rock or the engagement was a complete surprise, visit Pintrest and pin images of florals that you like.  Then, and this is very important, NARROW IT DOWN.  After you’ve pinned 1,000 pictures, pick five that are really what you love.  A few examples of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres are all you need.  This will help you to accurately convey your vision and know what you want before you begin your vendor search.

Also, a word of advice here: it is important to read reviews HOWEVER, look at feedback as a whole.  There will always be a disgruntled bride here and there but overall, if reviews are favorable, go with that.

2. Locate.  In this age of technology, researching is fast and efficient.  Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, local wedding publications, local wedding blogs (Borrowed & Blue is a great resource for Central Virginia) and word of mouth referrals. Talking to other brides is a great resource as well.  Girls who are planning or have recently planned a wedding have just walked this path.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!  Ask who they chose, how and why they made their choice. Once you have located your options, visit their websites to see their work.  From there, pick your top three.  I say three because you may find your number one vendor is not available for your date OR…read tip #3.

3. Meet.  Assuming that your top three vendors are available on your date, it is very important to actually meet your vendors.  Just loving their work is not enough.  Plus, electronic correspondence can get you to a certain point and can fill in gaps between meetings, it does not establish a connection like a face to face meeting. Why is this step so important?  I cannot tell you how many brides love someone’s work but do not connect with them in person which can create a level of distrust and uneasiness.  Trust creates peace of mind.  And peace of mind when planning a wedding is priceless!  You want to know that the vendor you choose understands your vision and understands you!  How you dress, the words you choose, even your body language can convey so much to a vendor that is lost in translation over email or text.

4.  Choose.  After your face to face meetings are completed and your preliminary quotes have come in, it is time to make your choice.  Your research, diligence and hard work have paid off!  You can check this one off the list and move on to your next vendor.

5.  Trust.  Lastly, remember to trust your choice.  Time, coupled with TLC wedding show horror stories leave room for doubt to creep in.  In this situation, it is best to remind yourself why you chose that particular vendor and then find reassurance in the fact that they are the professionals!  This is their job and they do this week in and week out. Even though this may be your first wedding, it isn’t theirs!

Thanks for reading!  We hope that this proves helpful in your wedding vendor search!  BLOOM now offers wedding and special event planning consultations.  For more tips, vendor search tools, unique wedding ideas and gifts visit our storefront in Boonsboro Shopping Center.

Happy Planning!


Photocredit: Lindsey Hinkley Photography