What’s In a Name?

Shakespeare made famous the quote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Indeed the rose is unique for its name, its appearance, its fragrance but also for its meaning.  It is universal knowledge that sending or receiving a bouquet of red roses is a gesture of romantic love.  However, most flowers have meanings associated with them that aren’t always widely known.

We believe that flowers bring beauty to the world and knowing the meaning behind a blossom can create an experience far beyond the visual when sending flowers or even in putting together your wedding bouquet.  What a sweet memory to look back at photos of your bouquet knowing the emotions implied by every single flower!

We even suggest displaying your bouquet at the reception with a description of its meaning and keeping it with your bouquet once it has been preserved.  Then, as each anniversary passes, you can reflect on your vows and the expression of that day through something as sentimentally significant as the very flowers you carried down the aisle.

The Dahlia: making a major life change in a positive way; commitment to another person


The Hydrangea: heartfelt emotion; gratitude

giuseppe-murabito-232520The Tulip: declaration of love


The Ranunculus: radiant charm; radiating with charm

elke-karin-lugert-245598The Daisy: Purity, Innocence


The Rose: love


The Peony: riches, honor, romance and prosperity; good fortune and a happy marriage.


Happy Planning!